Warranty period is 12 months (365 days) after customer receives the product, and we offer repair service of the product for customers. Customer with concerns of his/her product’s malfunction should email us at info@ncmobile.net with his/her order number & product name, and describe the details of malfunction. Please provide us proof of malfunction, such as video or photo of the product that may prove malfunction as well. After we confirm and approve your request of repair, please send product to our office in South Korea to take investigation on product.


(Please refer the ‘refund procedure’ on ‘refund policy’ to check how to send product to our office in South Korea.)


Coverage of warranty will be confirmed by our specialist and Samsung electronics service center in South Korea.

After 12 months (365 days) of product’s reception, coverage of warranty will not be eligible to your product.


  • Repair service covered by warranty

Any malfunction which is occurred during use of normal condition, your product may be eligible to get complimentary repair service from Samsung service center in South Korea. Repair is free of charge. In case of that malfunction, only round shipping cost will be charged.


  • Repair service not covered by warranty (Negligence of customer)

-Customer’s careless usage (Immersion, physical damage on product, and etc.)

-Customer’s manipulation on system data

-Malfunction caused by unauthorized accessories

-Malfunction caused by neglecting instructions on product manual


In case of repair service not covered by warranty, repair service fee and round shipping cost will be charged.